Alternate Spellings of Genie

There are a several alternate and plural spellings of Genie that are valid in Scrabble. They don't make a ton of sense, so you just have to memorize them.

Practice These Words

  • According to the OWL4, the official word list for competitive players in North America as of March 2019
Word Rank
Jin 181
Djin 432
Jinn 1,128
Djinn 1,188
Jinni 1,531
Jins 1,658
Djinni 2,187
Djins 2,386
Jinnee 3,998
Genie 4,059
Jinns 4,683
Djinns 6,180
Djinny 7,768
Jinnis 8,399
Genies 28,624